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        Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Add: Intersection of Shaoyang Avenue and Baodong Road, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang, Hunan, China

        Fax: 0086-739-5323649

        Tel: 0086-739-5502258(sales dept.)

        E-mail: syefjxs@syefj.com


        Url: www.qiqi68.com

        News >> Company News

        Oerlikon group vips visit the company for communication

        Time: 18-11-13

        On November 13, at 9 am, oerlikon group and nine people visited shaoyang textile machinery company for a field visit and cooperation.Yang jianjun, general manager of the company, Yang xiaoming, deputy general manager liu shuntong, general manager assistant wang zongbin, deputy chief engineer wu jifa, vice manager of international trade zeng linggui and other accompanying visitors.

        Accompanied by Yang jianjun, general manager of the company, oerlikon guests visited the production site of shaoyang textile machinery factory and felt the new working environment.Oerlikon walked into the assembly site of chemical fiber equipment division and was very interested in a chemical fiber equipment being assembled.Under zeng's translation, they carefully inquired about equipment performance, technical characteristics, market size, basic USES and so on.When understanding to shaoyang textile machinery company developed spun-bonded melt-blown nonwovens equipment has a history of more than 20 years, for decades to meet international standards of high quality non-woven production line as the leading product constantly updated technology, expand the market, fill the blank, best-selling products at home and abroad, is very happy after industry well-known brands.

        When  came to the cold welding processing department and saw the clean, tidy and orderly rows of processing parts on the production site, the guests gave me a lot of praise.

        Rainer Straub, President of oerlikon nonwovens, shook hands with Yang jianjun, general manager of the company.

        Come to the meeting room of chemical fiber equipment division for communication and negotiation, company general manager Yang jianjun expresses welcome again on behalf of the enterprise.He said that after more than 20 days of the Shanghai textile machinery exhibition, distinguished guests from oerlikon group could visit shaoyang textile machinery company for exchange. They met again in shao, showing the deep friendship between the two sides. He hoped that the exchange would be pleasant and the cooperation would be successful.

        Add: Intersection of Shaoyang Avenue and Baodong Road, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang, Hunan, China  Fax: +86-739-5324671  Tel: +86-739-5502258(International trade dept.)